A New Home

I have always believed that it is the journey rather than the destination that matters. While this seems like a simple philosophy, it has saved me much heartache when inevitable changes to my plans come about. I can go with the flow and not worry so much about the details.

A great deal on a Sprinter van came my way last week. My vision had been to convert a short school bus, but I just couldn’t turn it down. I am now in possession of my new home.

Had I been rigid in following my exact vision of the bus, I would still be waiting to get started. As it is, I’ve been having fun creating floor plans and prepping the floor for insulation. After all, the real dream was to go traveling and exploring. It matters much less what I’m traveling in.

There are some real advantages to the Sprinter van. It has a very high ceiling, it’s actually 2 feet longer than the buses I was looking at, and it will blend in much better if I want it to. Licensing and insurance are also infinitely less complicated.

I’ve designed two different floor plans. The first was based on a video I had seen and the front was completely closed off from the back. After some thought about the safety of having to get out of the van to start it up and drive off, I decided that wasn’t the best option.

First Floor Plan

The new design provides a walkway to the front and should work wonderfully. I’m so enjoying planning and working on my new home. It has given me a burst of energy I haven’t felt for a very long time.

Second Floor Plan – Access to cab for safety

After all… there’s no place like Home!

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