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Deep Thoughts

Butterfly Dreams

Have you ever wondered how a butterfly feels during the tremendous changes she goes through during her short life? Does she know what her voracious feeding leads to? Does she feel trapped in her cocoon or does she gently dream the days away? What of the struggle to burst from her casing and fill her wings with her life’s blood? Does she even recognize herself in her new glory? Does a butterfly revel in the process of her changing, or struggle through it? I, too, am in a season of change. While my physical form will remain as it is, …

Van Conversion

Dreams and Plans

Do you know the difference between dreaming and planning? Some people use the terms interchangeably, but there is a big difference betwixt the two. A dream always comes first. Dreams are wonderful, yet not all dreams become plans. It is only when we begin taking physical steps to bring that dream into the real world that it becomes a plan. Without action, a dream is simply an escape. I have been having a blast creating floor plans and shopping for components for the bus while I’m waiting for the house to sell. I would love to have everything I want …

Deep Thoughts

The Road’s Siren Song

I’ve heard it for many years, like my heartbeat, barely noticeable but there all the same. It threads its way through my dreams and springs suddenly upon me in my waking hours. It is quiet… so quiet that the day’s mundane tasks and the trivial dross of life eclipse it. Yet the longer I stay put, the louder it grows. I’m not sure why I am the only member of my family to whom new places beckon. My parents, sister, and brother seem perfectly content to stay in one place, never feeling the tiny itch that has plagued me every …