Burning Bridges

If you want to storm the island – You first have to burn the boats

I let go of the rope this week and left my fate in the hands of the Universe. In moments of brutal honesty with myself, I realize the Universe is always in charge, but I generally like to pretend I have control. I think we all do.

I know what I want. I’ve felt the pull of the next step for a long while, but I’ve allowed small details to hold me back. I’ve let my fears draw me from my path.

No more.

The pain of staying has finally overwhelmed all my fears. I started along the bridge and set it afire behind me. I cannot go back, no matter how rocky the road ahead gets.

I have decided to auction the house and everything else that won’t fit in the bus on May 20th. Everything will go to the highest bidder with no reserve. My freedom will come to me amid risk and resolve.

All freedom does.

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  1. Lisa says:

    When it is time to move, the universe will make it too uncomfortable to stay! I am happy for you, can’t wait to see your adventures.

    1. Sherry says:

      Thanks Lisa! I’ll do my best to keep my adventures posted here.

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