Dreams and Plans

Do you know the difference between dreaming and planning? Some people use the terms interchangeably, but there is a big difference betwixt the two. A dream always comes first. Dreams are wonderful, yet not all dreams become plans. It is only when we begin taking physical steps to bring that dream into the real world that it becomes a plan. Without action, a dream is simply an escape.

I have been having a blast creating floor plans and shopping for components for the bus while I’m waiting for the house to sell. I would love to have everything I want just appear instantly. Wouldn’t everyone? But deep down I know the inevitable delay helps me sharpen my dream and turn it into a workable plan.

Sometimes, when I start planning, my shiny golden dream turns to dull lead before my very eyes. Other times, the dream changes to something very different. Once in a while, I dig deep and find the dream becomes even more beautiful in the planning. This dream of gypsying in a lovely home on wheels built with my own hands only improves with devising.

I know I’m walking a tightrope between the comforts of a traditional stationary home and pure minimalism. I want a fairly comfortable life, but not a single thing that isn’t useful and beautiful. This process has taken a good deal of self-examination. What do I use? How do I go about my day now when I live in a regular house? What would I like to change? The answers to these questions are key to the size of bus I need and the actual floor plan.

The design for my little dream home on wheels has several criteria that have vastly affected the floor plan. I need a bed that can be in use without completely disrupting other activities, but I’d like to be able to put it away when it isn’t being used. My dog, Hank, needs a place to sleep. I want some sort of private toilet area. The kitchen must be functional. I must have a comfortable area to work on the computer. I want lots of light and views. I want the bus to be as small as possible so it’s easy to drive and park.

I have spent hours creating several different floor plans and I think I’ve come up with a very workable one. At first I was using a 4 window bus as my model, but I just couldn’t quite get everything in there comfortably. I expanded it to a 5 window bus and, 3 versions later, I have a versatile floor plan that should be very cute when it’s executed.

The time I’m spending on this does a couple of things. It allows me to keep from making some very expensive mistakes – imagine if I’d purchased a 4 window bus only to discover I couldn’t make it work! It also nourishes my beautiful dream, creating the feeling I am making some kind of progress toward my ultimate inspiration and keeping the waiting from being such a frustration.

I’m sure these plans will evolve as I go along and refine my vision more, learn about different techniques and am inspired by others who have gone before me on this path. There’s no shame in changing plans, in fact, it’s a virtue as long as the change is getting me closer and closer to reality. It is the dream that remains steady, guiding me like the north star guided ancient mariners on unknown seas.

How do you feed your dreams?

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