Finding What’s Important

The latest (but not necessarily the last) bus floor-plan

I’m an “all in” kind of gal. When I decide to do something, I plunge in with both feet and trust the universe to push the people and things I need in my path. This doesn’t always work out the way I think it’s going to, but it does always work out.

This big life-change is no different. I’ve put all my heart, soul, and vivid imagination into it. I can close my eyes and see WeeHavyn finished and lovely.

While it may sound like my reckless style doesn’t allow for planning, this isn’t so. Nothing happens instantly; all things must be accomplished in stages. My bus is no different and I’m taking full advantage of the inevitable delay.

The basic style of my bus interior hasn’t changed much since I started putting it down on paper, but the placement and size of different elements have. The bed, for instance, has transformed from two couches on either side that become the bed, to a couch across the back that slides out into a bed, to just a bed. I’ll be happier if I don’t have to mess with transforming one thing to another and can just make the bed.

All this reflection is vital for a smooth transition. I’m sure there will be bumps in the road and some plans will have to change, but all this sorting of what I want versus what I need helps me with this process of honing my ideas. I am cutting away the superfluous, leaving only the vital essence of myself.

My time spent in contemplation and planning has made me realize that, as much as I’d love one of the cute 4-window buses, I really need a 5 window bus to make everything work smoothly. I’m so glad I figured this out now, rather than buying something that doesn’t work well for me. That leaves more room for the next mistaken assumption.

But I’m confident I’ll figure that one out too.

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