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Growing Fodder at Home:

Hydroponic Fodder is a great way to provide fresh green nutritious feed year-round to your small livestock. By using the sprouting process to unlock nutrients in grain, you truly get the best feed at an affordable price. Growing Fodder starts with dry wheat or barley, which is about 30% digestible, and gives you a beautiful, living mat of sprouts with 80% digestibility. That’s like getting 50 cents more value for each feed dollar you spend! Fodder is extremely high in protein (up to 22%) and contains living enzymes and beneficial bacteria for superior digestion. Six days is the optimal time for sprouting to achieve the most benefit. After the six-day period, the grass blades begin to form lignin which reduces digestibility.

Our plans give you easy to follow step by step instructions on how to build and use your own Fodder system.  Unlimited tech support is just an email away.

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